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Flexible Medical Billing

Flexible Medical Billing Services for Specialists

Medical billing is a complex process that requires training, experience, and careful attention to detail.

VMORE offers a flexible medical billing service supported by strong knowledge of the Australian healthcare system, the legislated guidelines defined by Medicare, and our commitment to compliance with Australian Privacy Principles.

You can rest assured knowing we’ll be on top of all your Medicare, health fund, and third-party exceptions.

Medical Billing for the Modern Practice

With decades of experience in the field, we are extremely familiar with current healthcare requirements enabling us to provide tailor-made medical billing solutions that meet your individual and practice needs.

VMORE is a leader in the industry. We’re dedicated to helping medical practitioners, surgeons, and psychiatrists focus on their patients instead of spending valuable time on paperwork and coding tasks.

We work exclusively with physicians like yourself who want an efficient billing solution without sacrificing quality or accuracy.

Our experienced team takes care of your patient statements and payments so you know they are accurate and filed in a timely manner with insurance companies – all at a fraction of what it would cost for in-house staff.

Flexible Medical Billing

VMORE Medical Billing Services:

Our tailored medical billing services save you time and give you financial control of your practice, without the headache.

Our end-to-end billing services include:

Invoicing and receipting of private accounts

Private Health Fund direct billing

Veteran Affairs, TAC and Workcover direct billing

Medicare bulk billing/batching

Compliance & Training

Regular Financial Reports

Additional Debt Recovery Service available

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

Imagine a billing department that costs less than what you are currently paying, is more accurate, and improves patient satisfaction.

VMORE billers are leaders in coding, documentation and compliance, which results in the following benefits for your private practice and your patients, without you even lifting a finger:

  • Accurate and efficient billing
  • Tailored for medical professionals and healthcare providers
  • Privacy and security compliant (cybersecurity)
  • Minimise audit risk
  • Better patient care and experience
  • Understand your financial position

Plus, we can manage any debt collection issues so that it won’t affect your cash flow.

Simply put, outsourcing to VMORE’s professional medical billing service will ensure compliance with regulations, improve cash flow and income, and reduce errors.

Flexible Medical Billing
Flexible Medical Billing

Need Medical Billing and Practice Management Services?

Speak with a VMORE practice strategist about our range of flexible services tailored to private practices.

Access a full suite of practice management solutions for any stage of your journey – whether you are just starting out, expanding your group practice, or you’d simply like to have more time with your family.

Our services include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Billing is a necessary part of private specialist practice. Our specialist medical billing team process your patient billing requirements and adjustment requests, submitting claims to various health funds, Medicare, WorkCover and other third-party healthcare service providers, for the purpose of acquiring payment for services rendered.

Some days the Healthcare ecosystem can be challenging even for industry veterans such as ourselves. Ever-changing fee schedules, terms and conditions, fund levels and gap options can be confusing.

The role of medical billing is critically important to the ongoing financial viability of your practice. Mistakes and inexperience can impact your cash flow and expose the practice to financial penalties or have tax implications.

Outsourcing this fundamental function to expert Medical Billing Administrators like VMORE is one of the best investments you can make for your practice.

Yes. These are two key core skill areas. And you want the best people working in each of them. Medical Billing handles the revenue cycle management for the practice, while your bookkeeper facilitates payroll, manages superannuation and reconciles your practice management and accounting software. Each requires attention to detail, knowledge of the healthcare sector payers’ methods and time frames along with standard accounting principles. And VMORE offers expertise in both. Read more about our Bookkeeping Services

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