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Right Practice Management

Software & IT Integration for a healthy modern practice

Choosing and integrating the right practice management software and systems into your practice can seem an overwhelming task.

Practice Management Software forms the backbone of today’s fast-paced, evolving digital healthcare ecosystem, and therefore is a fundamental business decision. It has far-reaching implications on the efficiency and profitability of your health practice – both in the short-term and the long-term.

There are software solutions and providers for every style of medical practice, and we’ve tested them all.

Through extensive due diligence and research on each platform, you can be confident your clinic is well supported and any issues will be resolved quickly.

Trusted Practice Management Software Integrators

Our team are healthcare industry systems architects and can help design and implement workflows and solutions across a broad range of industry offerings that together support the smooth and effective operation of your practice.

Over the years, we have become a trusted partner of the industry’s best technology providers and as such, we engage regularly to provide feedback on new features, provide future functionality ideas and troubleshoot any issues.

From the most popular and well-supported cloud-based practice management solutions through to IT hardware, accounting integrations, data security and practice management workflows, VMORE is well-versed in integrating the right solution for your needs.

Right Practice Management

Leverage Your Practice Management Software Investment

Your investment in a practice management system is one of the most important decisions a health practitioner can make. That’s why we’re here – to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about which clinic software is right for your practice. We’ll help you compare features, pricing, and more so that you can find the best solution for your needs.

We complete regular training of our team in the software products our specialists use to make sure you’re getting the most from your investment in technology – and that our team are across any new features and updates.

We can optimise your practice management software investment to make sure you’re using the features to best serve your practice – features that can be optimised include:

Combine the right practice management software with VMORE’s expertise and your health practice can expand without growing pains. Imagine being able to take on more patients, see them more quickly, and improve your bottom line – all while still providing quality care. It’s possible, and we want to help you get there.

Patient Registration

Referral Data Management

Management of Clinic Notes

Detailed Reports

Automatic Electronic Online Claiming

Online Booking And Appointment Scheduling

Multiple Location And Provider Capability

Booking Procedures

Integration with Pathology, MIMS and Radiology

Invoicing and Billing

Integration with EFTPOS and Credit Card Payments

Access management

Robust Digital Healthcare Ecosystem = Flexibility & Mobility

VMORE creates exceptional patient experiences through value-added healthcare technology ecosystems.

VMORE understands that the future of healthcare involves mobility and flexibility. Being able to connect from anywhere in the world via secure internet connection facilitates simple, uncomplicated patient care.

Built upon a foundation of outstanding clinical record keeping, we can tailor the right mix of the software, technology, and third-party applications you need now, and future proof your practice against the ever-changing technology landscape – whether you practice from one or multiple locations.

Your digital healthcare ecosystem can encompass:

  • Online Practice Management Software
  • Telehealth Platform Financial Management
  • Patient Communication Support Team Management
  • Health Record Management Security and Privacy
Right Practice Management
Right Practice Management

Healthcare Privacy Compliance and Risk Management

As industry veterans in the delivery of virtual support, we are leaders in digital workflows. Our practice management solutions and processes actively support the security and privacy of your sensitive patient information, whilst facilitating the delivery of consistently outstanding patient experiences.

We use proven and well-supported tools for secure and safe data privacy and clinical record keeping. Protect the integrity of your practice, financial and sensitive data with secure and protected workflows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. The initial investment of a health-care grade server can be $20 to $30,000. Then there are the costs associated with maintaining the hardware and replacing it every 3 years as it becomes obsolete. Using a remote, secure cloud-based solution saves you during the initial outlay, and you’ll continue to reap the rewards as the onus for maintenance and upgrades is not on you.

The simple answer is that it depends on your needs. As a platform-agnostic service provider, we firstly work to understand your needs and then tailor your IT and practice management software solution to match those needs.

We use proven and well-supported tools and cybersecurity frameworks that mean we are supporting secure and safe data management. We adopt best-practice workflows and all critical information is protected by authentication and secure encryption. Read more

If your current software solution is meeting those needs, we can support training and workflow development to get the most from your investment. Should your current software solution not meet the needs of your practice, we can make recommendations for alternative software products that can.

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